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Think Different.  Think Big.  Think Forward.

Imagine, Learn, & Create.  Together.

Ideas, Education, Development, & Growth.  All in One Place.




We have 1 main goal.

Empower entrepreneurs to succeed


There is currently a missing link in the chain that is an entrepreneur’s journey. This link is the connection between an idea and the change it can accomplish.

Synergistically challenge the status quo at every turn.  We have only just begun to discover the potential of a community conscious and what it can achieve.  We strive to explore the limits of that achievement.

To this end, we are building a platform on which ideas can be developed, and the skills to do so can be learned.  A platform that incentivizes quality contribution, and where quality level is determined by its users.


Entrepreneurship, greater than the sum of its parts.

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Here’s how this all works:


A.  You want to:

  1. Learn the skills to become financially independent, or create a successful business
  2. Work with other like-minded people to develop:
    • an idea that you have,
    • yourself, by learning new skills, or
    • your portfolio, by applying your expertise
  3. Spend very little up front, or ever, to get started, AND…
  4. Get paid for your ideas, or for practicing your new skills!

B.  How to be successful here:

  • Learn:
    • Use community recommended resources to learn new skills, techniques, or information
  • Collaborate:
    • Share and build your own ideas, find other ideas that you want to get behind and help develop, or both.
    • Add outside resources that you use and like for the community benefit.
    • Work closely with other members to decide how best to improve upon the platform.
  • Earn:
    • Practice your new skills within the Wayfaring Founder platform and get paid for it!
    • The better you get at them, the more you earn.
    • Accept donations from others who want to support you.

C.  Think about how you want to use the platform first.  Do you want to:

  1. Get help with the development of an idea that you have, and still get paid for it?
    • Introduce your idea in the forums.
    • Work closely with other members to develop them and earn for your contributions.
    • Take a percentage of sales of your product!
  2. Learn a new entrepreneurial skill and get paid to practice it?
    • Decide which skill you want to learn
    • Learn through any of the community recommended resources.
      • We’re partnering with the awesome folks at dexHive to get a lot of the collaborative kinks worked out.  In the meantime, our resource links will mostly be hosted there.  We will build in the necessary parts in due time.
    • Practice your new skills within the Wayfaring Founder platform.
    • Get rewarded for successful practice of those skills
      • Ex. You want to learn to get better at marketing.  Learn how through any of our recommended resources.  Come back here and practice your new skills by marketing the WF platform.  Get paid for the traffic you’ve driven to the site!

*Don’t see the skill you want to learn in our list of resources?  No problem.  We’re always trying to broaden our reach.  Let us know what you’d like to learn at support@wayfaringfounder.com.  We’ll get it in the catalog so you can get started and get paid to practice here!

Collaboration is key to everyone’s success here at Wayfaring Founder.  Be active in the forums to decide which direction to take the platform.

This is truly an Open Source Business.  The Wayfaring Founder team is only here to facilitate what the membership deems required.  The most popular content from the forums gets put on the front page, and the membership decides which ideas to develop, and which to let go.  Members can create their own content within the site and promote the content they like the best.  This way, only the best content, will rise to the top.


So how much does all this cost then?

And you said I can get involved for FREE!?


(Pricing structure up for member debate as well, in true open source fashion.)

Every member gets to start with a *2 week free trial to get their feet wet and see if this system can work for them.

Beyond that, you can stay a *monthly member at $19.99, or elect for the yearly membership option for a 33% discount at $159.99.

*6 months for beta members, $1 for life after


You can stay involved for FREE FOREVER! – Here’s how:

The Wayfaring Founder referral program functions as follows.

Because we want you to share this with everyone you know, we offer 1 month FREE for every new member that signs up through your referral link.

You don’t even have to be a member to participate!  All we need to generate your personal referral link is your email.  We’ll keep track of successful referrals for you and let you know how many people use it.  You’ll need to create an account to redeem your free month(s), but the 2 wk free trial is still in effect.

So you get 2 free weeks to use once when you sign up, AND a free month per every member who signs up through your referral link.

Talk about risk free!

Get Involved!



Where does all that money go!?


I promise I’m not pocketing it.  In true open source fashion, it gets redistributed to the membership as earnings for successful practice of your new skills.  So you can easily make it all back and then some every month!  Thus incentivizing the practice of your new skills (if you needed more).

Here’s how it breaks down as of right now (up for debate (open source)):



The Wayfaring Founder platform retains to cover payroll, and infrastructure expenditures (keeping the train on the tracks for you all).



Redistributed to membership for successful practice of new skills (Structure breakdown to follow)



Reserved for affiliate partnerships to incentivize member discounts on their services.  Only paid when those services are used.


In addition, each developing topic will be assigned an escrow account to be used strictly for donations to support that project.  Membership funds will not be allocated to individual projects.  In order to use funds from that account for development, a minimum of 51% of the community associated with that project will need to agree on its proposed expenditure.



So how do you get paid?


Here’s an initial structure layout:

Initially 3 kinds of members:

  1. Marketing
  2. Content Creators
  3. Developers


Members focused on learning marketing skills:

  1. Get a Quality Score for consistency, and conversion rate, of traffic driven (1-100)
  2. Paid for traffic driven to WF as a function of your Quality Score
  3. Paid a % for sales of featured products
    • Higher % for WF developed products
    • Even higher % for pre-sale of products in development at WF
      • Incentivize early validation within the community
      • Allows those working on the development of the product to get paid during the process


Members focused on creating content:

  1. Get a Quality Score for positive feedback (1-100)
  2. Paid for SEO rankings as a function of your Quality Score
  3. Paid for % sales of promoted products within content
    • Higher % for WF developed products
    • Even higher % for pre-sale of products in development at WF
      • Incentivize early validation within the community
      • Allows those working on the development of the product to get paid during the process


Members focused on development

  1. Get a Quality Score for level of finished products (1-100)
  2. Get % of sales of products you develop = your participation in that development as a function of your Quality Score


Members bringing their own ideas for others to develop

  1. Paid 10% of sales for the idea
  2. Paid for % of development, if any



Want to get involved?  Try it out HERE!

The Wayfaring Founder platform is currently in beta and needs your help to develop into this vision.

Here is the To Do List that we are working from currently to build out WF.  If there’s something that you’d like to help with, drop us a line at Support@wayfaringfounder.com and let’s see how we can collaborate!

If you’re looking for awesome stuff that the community is loving, head over to our Products page to see what we use to get the most out of life.

If you’re here to learn and practice any of the skills you need as a successful traveling entrepreneur, Start Here and then dive in a little deeper in the Overview page to learn more about it!

Take a look around our site.  There’s something here to help everyone excel at being a Wayfaring Founder!


Jon & the Wayfaring Founder Team


Collaborate with us!

Get involved in the forums to help out with the development process!


Who is putting this together?  Why?

Find out a little bit more about why this is all coming together.

Please let us know what you like, don’t like, want more or less of, or none at all.  Something you think we should have that we don’t?  Are we on the right track?

Let us know at support@wayfaringfounder.com.

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Thank you for being awesome!

Check back soon for more updates!


Find Your Freedom,

-Jon & the Wayfaring Founder Team